Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Website

Hello folks,

I've put together a semi-professional website and given it the honour of being www.coffeenanoparticles.com.  It just has a bit of a speil on yours truly and background into my past research and publications.  It also has a super sweet photo of me that I chose out of every single photo ever taken to be the most representative of me.

Hey look, it's me doing SCIENCE in JAPAN. (See those squigglies to my right?)

I'm talking about it here and linking it above (hey, let's do it again!) since I know that Google crawls this page, and now Google will follow those links and crawl my new page.

Also, let's add a link here for Michael Beverland's website.  I did him a favour and gave him my stylesheet to put together a pretty website with very colour-coordinated (if a little bit camp) images.

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