Saturday, June 26, 2010

The single greatest human being I've yet encountered.

Good evening, cats and kittens.

Man, I have officially turned into a softy. Check out this video over at the BBC and tell me you felt nothing. I will send you a self-addressed stamped envelope to turn in your human being card.

Awwww.... Kitty!! This works even on highly educated bionic veterinarians.

Not only has this doctor devoted his research to giving prosthetic feet to cats in need (talk about a niche market), but he is an incredible badass and all around cool guy. In my opinion you can tell a lot about a person in how they treat cats (this may apply to dogs too, but I'm a cat lover). Giving amputee cats prosthetic feet is pretty much a perfect score on this test.

This doctor is a complete champ. He obviously cares a hell of a lot about this animal, hes well versed in both the aesthetic concerns of kitties (brown bionic feet on a black cat, no way) and the usefulness of duct tape in any of life's problems (you're doing it wrong). "Surgical high five, dude!" I mean, I'm not sure thats completely sterile, but it more than makes up for it in awesomeness. The nurses are just shaking their heads at this point at how badass their doc is.

Siks milyon doller kitty can leep tal bildingz, lol. But seriously folks, this probably cost a lot.

Are there any cat related nanotech innovations I can do to emulate the good Dr. Noel? This guy is just my hero.

P.S. @Mikhail: In the first sentence of the article below the video, I read "peg" as "PEG" (ie. polyethylene glycol) and was like "Damnit, I KNEW PEGylation could fix anything!" Then I was disappointed. Throw some TOPO in that shit.

P.P.S. @Jess and any other non-Gourmands: That meal I just ate was a full 2500 calories of KFC chicken and fries and chocolate chip cookie dough-based desert. Ugghhhmmmmmm...

P.P.P.S. @All gBuzz users: I've temporarily turned off the link between here and Buzz because for some reason I'm getting a billion copies in my work inbox and its kinda annoying. Forwarding issue, likely.


  1. Peglegylation is not only used for increasing biocompetability, but also commonly used for purrging nanoparticles of kittyonic charge. Cat.

  2. Sorry about that, punning in an internet post seems to be a bit of a faux paw.