Thursday, June 24, 2010

100 posts, woooooo!

Friends, Nihonjin, countrymen, lend me your ears. I've been pouring my heart and soul into this blog for 100 posts and over 7 months now. I've only been in Japan for about 6 months (though, like Sméagol, I've forgotten the taste of bread, the sound of trees and the exquisite aroma of bacon frying), but right now there are only 49 more days until I go to Korea. And only 34 more work days! That's like, no time. I need to institute a countdown applet or something on this site.

In other big news, today its six months since Christmas. It feels like a lifetime ago. In addition, according to my research, this means its only 6 months until Christmas!

I seem to be vulnerable lately to spontaneous bouts of laughter. This may be directly linked to my diminished psychological state (after all, I started talking to myself like 4 months ago, and never stopped) or perhaps I've gotten to the point where some things about Japan amuse me.

I already told yesterday's story about a Nihonjin-ess (I prefer to genderize my Nihonglish, thank you very much) being shocked and appalled that westerners don't eat rice with every meal. I laughed a lot at that, then a lot more again later upon connecting this absurdity with the fact that "rice" in Japanese is the same word as "meal". When I was talking to Ami, an uninformed listener may have understood me saying "No, we don't eat meals in Canada, not usually." Hilarious.

Yesterday after work I stopped at the konbinience store to grab me some soft cream (soft ice cream). They had a new flavour today, so I glanced at the picture, decided it looked good, and said to the guy "Okay, I'll take some..." looking at the sign, I read the katakana as sutoroberii cheezu, and was like "This is strawberry cheese? Sounds wierd"

"Sutoroberii cheezu keki desu yo," says the guy.

In English now, "Strawberry Cheesecake. LOLZ." The guy starts laughing now, because Japanese people love it when your brain makes the connection between their bizarre katakanglish and the actual root word. I join in with near maniacal laughter. I got my strawberry cheesecake soft cream, and by god it was better than Marble Slab. Maybe that was just the 30 degree heat.

And then, this morning I was walking into work, my usual 5 minutes late (which is ages of the earth for Japanese punctuality, but my boss is off today, whatever). By the main building where the cafeteria is, theres often a sale of some kind, different every day. Sometimes its donuts, belts, wallets, coffee, tea, etc. But most often its tires. Yes, car tires. I don't know how often people at the company buy tires from salesmen outside of the cafeteria, but considering they're here almost once a week, it must be profitable.

There are different tire companies, Bridgestone is the only one I can remember right now, but they're mostly American brands. While walking by, it occurred to me that I've never seen Yokohama brand tires here. And I live in Yokohama. Hilarious!

Give me a break guys, seriously. Happy 100th post.

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