Thursday, May 6, 2010

A visit to a fashionable district of Tokyo

No, I'm not talking about Harajuku or Ginza (two major touristy and high end shopping districts in Tokyo). Today I went to some area I've never been to (a stop down from Omotesando, near Aoyama, if you must know) and just walked around.

I call it a fashionable district because I found an awesome T-shirt store there. They had all kinds of t-shirts of wildly varying subject matter. The sections in this store included, but were not limited to:

-Mickey Mouse
-Minnie Mouse (Yes, each got their own section)
-All Other Disney Characters
-Dragon Ball Z
-Dragon Ball AF (What is this? Super saijin 5 chichi-bulma-goku's ghost triple fusion dance?)
-Peanuts (Charlie Brown)
-Many many Animes that I don't recognize. Most of the store was this, actually
-"Eigo no T-shatsu" or "English T-shirts" Insurance companies, beachfront property managers, nonsensical Philosophical epigrams, etc.
-Brand names (Coca Cola, Pepsi, Kelloggs, Sanyo, etc.)
-Hello Kitty (of course)
-Star Wars (nothing very original here, too bad. Thinkgeek is better.)

Notable exceptions include:

-Star Trek (see below)

Anyway today two sections were on sale really cheap, namely Mickey Mouse and Peanuts.

So I bought some. My plunder:

I laughed hard when I read this one. Obviously no one will appreciate it here, but I forsee it being a bit hit when I go back home. Partially because of the back side:

I considered getting this shirt for Mickey, but decided none would fit him. (They only had up to large. I bought the large.)

Woodstock is yellow, isn't he? I got this shirt because its simple and I don't understand it, which makes it funny.

I always liked Felix. Relax and Enjoy!

Yah, high fives all around. Spence - if you want DBZ merch, lemme know. Dan - if you want something terribly Japanese/Anime/Manga related on a T-shirt, lemme know. Mickey - if you want me to strong arm these guys into making a 4XL of the Mickey shirt, lemme know.

Oh in a somewhat related note. While Nipponese-watching at a local Starbucks establishment, I saw a guy wearing this shirt:

I'm pretty sure he was an employee at the flower shop next door. I only got this image by Googling "I am a motherfucker"+shirt. Is it possible he didn't know what it meant? Dunno. Awesome anyway. He was wearing super, super tight lime great plaid pants btw.

Also while Nipponese-watching I saw some girl with a (rather tight and slightly too small for her) T-shirt that just said "A Rack" on her uh.. rack. Keep it classy, Japan. I quickly tried to Google this shirt, but couldn't find it readily. You'll have to imagine.

Who else wants this on a T-shirt? Or maybe a poster for the QNC cleanroom lab or something.


  1. Sounds like an awesome t-shatsu shop! Although I do watch anime and read manga from time to time, I don't think I can pull off wearing anime/manga tshirts, hahaha.

    Although if you're getting that star trek safety goggles one as a poster...haha.

    Btw, what was the Pandapple thing you notable exceptionized? lol exceptionized...

  2. I should translate that into French and put it up on the wall in the lab here!