Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nikki came to visit me in Tokyo.

So Nikki was in Japan visiting her mom who is on a short visiting research stint at Tokyo U, and was sick of doing all the lame touristy stuff Tokyo has to offer. She wanted to see the Tokyo "nightlife" (which is pretty intense, beeteedubbs).

Well, the only night she could do something with me was Wednesday, and on weeknights the last trains out of Tokyo are just after midnight, and I had to be at work the next morning. So our Tokyo night-out was pretty tame, but awesome.

I initially suggested this whale meat restaurant in Shibuya (called Kujiraya for anyone interested, which roughly translates into "place that sells whale meat"). All they serve is whale meat in its various forms. I thought this was fantastic, as the whole killing-cetaceans thing is frowned upon everywhere but Nippon, and it was something I'd never tried. Unfortunately Nikki was Japanese-food-ed out by this time and was very close minded to new and wonderful (And intelligent) meat sources.

So we went to the alternate; SWEETS PARADISE. Its a tabehodai (all you can eat) place that has some normal food (various pasta and salad dishes, rice, curry, etc), and then a massive buffet full of all kinds of awesome cheesecakes, normal cakes, brownies, truffles, fruit things, and other assorted yummy sweets. We only had 90 minutes but it was a pretty good haul. No pictures of this place, unfortunately.

Then I suggested a bar that had been mentioned to me before called "The Lock Up". I knew approximately what to expect going in, but Nikki was quite shocked and surprised.

The bar is on the second basement floor of the Grand Tokyo building in Shibuya sentagai, and the entrance is a haunted house. Its all dark and scary and stuff. (I strolled right through, I think Nikki managed it with no more than 2 or 3 screams of terror, some stuff jumped and moved and was squishy.. you know the drill)

Toxic waste is scary, guys.

Standard ghoulish skeleton

We were then greeted by the hostesses, which are in tip-top BDSM wear crossed with standard Japanese short-skirt get-up. They greeted us in Japanese and English, told us to go and sit down in the waiting room.

The waiting room. Is it nerdy that I see these things and all I think of is "Borg technology... awesome"?

Then they came in, asked if it was my birthday (of course, whenever I'm asked this question at a restaurant/bar I say "Yup", but they asked for ID. Foiled again! I imagine they do something super awesome if its your birthday), then asked for us to raise our hands.

Then they handcuffed Nikki and I together. I was having a great time, but Nikki was definitely stressing out as they grabbed our chain and lead/dragged us away to our cell (aka. table).

Another scary thing. Nikki's line of the night: "Did you see that guy sitting down in the cage out there? Me: "Yahh... It was plastic" Her: "BUT IT WAS MOVING!"

To our relief the handcuffs were taken off once we got to our cell. We then proceeded to order drinks (or try to, at least) from the prison-garbed (white-black striped) waitresses running around.

My ronguiyerandoisutei. (Long Island Iced Tea with dry ice)

Nikki's raichitosutoraberisupiritsu (Lychee and Strawberry Spirits in a Syringe)

The pictures of beers on the menu were in these awesome graduated cylinders, but ours were in fairly normal glasses, and hence not picture-worthy. Some of the food looked entertaining and tasty (with lots of eyeballs, no doubt), but we were still pretty full of assorted confectionaries.

We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

Oh, and Nikki can totally testify to this. I was approached on the street and asked by so-called "Fashion Stylists" that they wanted me to MODEL for them. Not once, but on two separate occasions, in our very short stint in Shibuya. I graciously accepted their complement on my height and build and caucazoidness but said no thanks. At least I have a backup career now.


  1. Damn, jealous. That place looks freakin' awesome! BAH!

  2. That would have been an awesome night...

  3. I will testify to the modeling thing- Blake is gonna be the next international superstar model for sure. However, you have made me sound completely pathetic- I was not japanese-fooded out I just had an aversion to eating a whale. Also, I only screamed twice; a little one on the way in and a bigger one (after a few drinks) on the way out.

    Finally, don't pretend you weren't just as worried as me when they hand cuffed us together. Can you imagine..."So Blake...", "So Nikki...", "Well, should we just sit here awkwardly avoiding all hand contact while our hands are handcuffed together for several hours, or should we just drink enough that us holding hands wouldn't be wierd..."

    I will admit to being freaked out by the plastic man though. HE MOVED!