Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Care Package. Or, how a box of random food items rose up and saved the day.

I'd love to tell a long tale of hardship, woad, and ruin about how I came into these wonderful treasures from the west. But the truth is everything worked out pretty well and I got them in the mail with minimal hardship. All thanks to the good folks at UPS, their Japanese workhorse Kuroneko (Black Cat) and a random clerk at a conbini who helped me read the kanji on the attempted delivery notice left on my door. Oh right, almost forgot. I suppose some thanks should go out to the wonderful people who sent me this stuff, that being my brother, dad and grandparents. Thanks guys!

I shall begin with the pièce de résistance:

Blake's yummy yummy sandwich.

Those who have lived with me, or maybe seen me shove one of these in my mouth during a lecture, will be familiar with Blake's (patent pending) yummy yummy oh-so-good sandwich. On either side we've got a slice of French pain de campagne, straight from my bakery down the road. A healthy lather of butter coats these (slightly) toasted pieces of bread, of course. Then onto one slice Russian peppered sweet mustard, and onto the other cream cheese (preferably herb and garlic, but none of that stuff here, sad story). For vegetables, a handful of fresh greens, including baby spinach, lettuce and arugula is necessary, along with some sun-dried tomatoes, to taste and for texture. Meat of course is a good helping of proscuitto, but this can be substituted freely with a variety of meats, and I have lotsa raw materials here to play with, as you'll soon see. Cheese is none other than Jalapeno pepper Monterey Jack. mmmmmmm. Last time I made one of these was for Mickey's dad, I think. When he was helping Mickey move out after exams. Feels like a lot longer than 5 months ago.

Now that thats over:

The box. 20lbs of mmm, mmm, good.

I'm not sure why I felt it necessary to document the unboxing, but here you go anyway.

Yay, a card! I love getting cards. Lotsa bubble wrap to protect the sensitive stuff within.

This stuff is so great. I remember when it first came out, I always got it mixed up with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They're both good of course.

Maple syrup to make sure I stay Canadian (a teaspoon a day keeps the otaku away), (ALL NATURAL!) Oreo-wannabes, SKOR Fudge. mmmm.

Some sandwich related accoutrements. Peppered sweet stone ground Russian mustard, Sundried tomatoes, Jalapeno-enforced cheese, and some Asiago, vacuum packed for the trip over.

Soooo much cured pig meat. My favourite. We've got proscuitto x 3, just in case I get sick of a certain kind. And some Spanish and French stuff just to keep things interesting. Sealed for freshness.

Another western convenience Japan has yet to fully embrace: spreads. Or at least spreads in plentiful supply. Everything should come in 1kg amounts.

And look whats at the bottom! A shirt to keep up my "I'm not a slacking hoodlum" persona at work!

Of course right after work I put a hoodie right over that nice pretty button up shirt, and I'm instantly stylish and vogue-y. In other news, turns out Japanese clothes fit me! Finding stuff that I'm not swimming in, but also has arm length satisfactory for my 6 and a half foot wingspan is tough. Turns out I'm an XL in Japan. Good to know.

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