Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Nihonglish highlights that I certainly hope all my Japana-friends will adopt:

This evening, when it was waffling between freezing rain and melting snow, to my boss:
"Tenki fucking hidoi desu yo" (The weather is less than ideal, would you agree?)

Talking with one of my collaborators:
Oota-san: "Mitsubishi Kagaku wa iten o yoginaku saremasu. (Mitsubishi is forcing me to move [jobs]).
Me: No shit desu ne? (Is that so?)

My Japanese is doing pretty well, such that I can often understand quite a bit (if not most, if I know what to listen for) of what is said by my coworkers. But my speaking is still lagging behind, so I end up just responding in English. Its a good thing my coworkers are in just about the same position as me (except reversed), so our conversations work out better than expected. I intersperse some Nihongo into my speak just to make me not sound like a complete gaijin to passers-by.

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