Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its a slippery slope, friends.

I started talking to myself yesterday. I promptly told myself I was an idiot for talking to myself, and then chuckled semi-maniacally for about 5 seconds, and groaned for about 1 second. This is a problem.

Next thing you know I'm going to be staving off a psychological collapse by arguing the finer points of game theory with an imaginary British roommate named Charles.

That just won't do. My dorm room is too small for even the most sporadic of hallucinated roommates.

In other news, I found an American style 50's diner with good pancakes. Its totally authentic, if I squint a lot I almost feel like I'm at Mel's. Except for the eggs. They're still that strange Japanese egg-yolk colour.

Yes, those are white people.

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