Sunday, February 28, 2010

I hate Mondays.

I don't even remember waking up and coming to work today. A late night of Skyping will do that, I guess. I didn't do much of anything this weekend, the weather was nasty and wet so I didn't want to go outside.

awww, kitty! xkcd rules apply through skype.

In my near-infinite wisdom, I keep a supply of Red Bull in my chemical fridge in my lab, for exactly this kind of debilitating tiredness. Theres always a shelf of what LOOKS like energy/caffeine shot drinks in the convenience stores that I want to try, but I can't read any of the fancy artistic Japanese on the bottles, and I don't want to learn the hard way that its actually a train-rape drug shelf, or something.

In other news, I'm sure everyone has heard of the 8.8 quake that the Chileans took like champs the other day. Kind of makes a certain Creole nation, hit recently by a 7.5 quake sound like a bunch of cry babies. Two words, Haiti: Log scale. Eat it. (To soon?*)
*I'm not serious at all, and if you find these comments in bad taste, go suck a lemon.

Japan went all "oh noes, theres a tsunami coming this way". They've got some new fancy deep-sea detection apparatus that said there was a 35cm swell coming this way at the speed of sound (which is apparently a big deal... 35cm swell in fathoms-deep ocean is nothing to scoff at). The coastal trains all shut down for a while and everyone was told to grab something and hold on. Soon afterwards waves of over 1 meter (omg, guys) hit north of Tokyo. I'm sure the overblown news coverage of kids' sand castles being destroyed is forthcoming.

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