Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today is a happy day

So I woke up this morning, hoping for a very lazy day, as this week has been pretty exhausting at work. I was completely out of food, so around noonish I decided to go grocery shopping and grab some breakfast. I went downstairs to my shoebox (where we have to keep our shoes... no shoes in the dormitory proper) and found a package! Voila:

so. many. stamps.

A certain super-awesome-fantastical best friend of mine had sent me a care-package from Canada. Please observe the highlighted short note under "Itemized List of Items". Go ahead, I'll wait.

Yah, just reading that completely made my day, so forgetting all about groceries, I rushed upstairs and opened it. Well, first I gawked at the frankly absurd number of stamps on the box (seriously, wtf. who is that crazy black guy on that one stamp?), and THEN I opened it. Behold the contents:

They were wrapped in that bubble wrap in the back there, and remained intact.

Yes, those are three boxes of Oreos. Two of which are DOUBLE STUFFED. And for those very observant few of you (I'm pretty much thinking of Cameron here), you may notice by the freshness-sealing-pull-tab system that these are none other but American Oreos. Those of you in the states take note, American Oreos are completely different than Canadian ones. The inside actually tastes like cream, as opposed to white sweet nothingness in Canadian ones. Go out and buy some.

So needless to say, I was in Oreos-eating-bliss for a while, until I got such a terrible stomach ache from sugar overload that I had to stop.

Since yesterday was payday, and I'm rolling in the Soosekis (dude on 1000 yen bill), I decided to treat myself to a fancy American dinner. So I found the closest American pizza chain restaurant. Turns out it was a Dominos, and they delivered, but I could not figure out the internet ordering system (my kanji is not nearly that good, and it was all images, making Google Translate useless). So I headed over there to grab it by hand. It was only a ~20 minute walk each way, so very doable whenever I'm craving the fuckin' 'za.

So awesome and greasy.

The pizza was 30 bucks, and was just pepperoni and cheese (And onions I think, I can taste them, I don't know why they're there). So pretty obscenely expensive, but completely worth it for the greasy, greasy goodness. I stopped myself from eating the whole thing, and I'm saving some for tomorrow. mmm

I'm a very happy guy right now.

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