Sunday, February 21, 2010

Same old same old.

Well it was another weekend in Japan. This one was a bit busier than average I’d say, and I really didn’t get too much time to sulk in my dorm room. Saita-san (my boss) is an avid bowler (of course he is). He organizes the annual Mitsubishi Chemical Research Center bowling night, which he encouraged (nay, forced) me to attend. As awesome as he is, he isn’t so different from the average Japanaperson, so he enjoys a good gaijin-show. Of course his friends do too, so he parades me around at social functions and such as his gaijin assistant, showering me with ill-deserved praise and encouraging me to speak to others in Japanese (in other words, make a complete fool of myself). I’m sure he thinks hes doing me a service, so I tolerate it, and of course I agreed to go to the bowling night on Friday and subsequent izakaya (Drinking/eating party).

I failed miserably at bowling. I’ve only done the whole 10-pin thing without bumpers a couple times before, so it wasn’t a big surprise. At the bowling night, all the girls automatically got a +40 handicap, while previous winners and finalists got -25, -15 handicaps and such. I had a couple girls on my team, both were pretty terrible, and one guy who got second place last year. He consistently bowled low-200s (pretty good, I think), while the girls scurried/shuffled/giggled around in a typical Japanese girl fashion and ended up with like 50 or so (miserably failure of a score). But of course they get their +40 handicap, so most got pretty close or even above 100 score. I wasn’t much better than the girls, and I didn’t get no stinking sexist positive handicap, so ended up with the lowest score, at 76.

I suggested to all that they introduce a gaijin handicap of at least +20 at the next bowling night. They laughed nervously at this idea.

I wasn’t really into drinking all night with Japanese people that had single-digit operant English vocabularies, so I left the drinking party early, and headed to Aikoishida to chill/karaoke with my NTT buddies. Going there always makes me a little bit unhappy with my lot in Japan, especially when I stroll into one girl’s apartment and its got like 15 foreigners in it, happily talking in English. After a long Japanese work-week, I’m jonesing for some good English conversation. Which I ended up getting, in spades. And so it was; 13 gaijins invaded the local nomihodai karaoke bar (which I’ve mentioned in the past). We had representatives from Canada, France, Spain, Britain, Korea and maybe Germany.

We karaoke-ed until about 5am, when we were promptly kicked out by an exhausted proprietors who were tired of serving drinks and dangerous amounts of ice cream to our group. Some highlights were not one but two Rick-Rollings complete with some great Rick-esque dancing, a great rendition of Numa Numa, a crazy-good Korean singer specializing in Rain K-pop and of course Disney’s “Under the Sea”.

I was mostly asleep by 6am, but of course the next morning I had made plans to go around Yokohama, Minato Mirai and Chukagai/Motomachi with a fellow Canada-Japan Co-oper from Waterloo. She had not attended the early morning karaoke session, and was well rested. Luckily, in one of my more lucid moments after karaoke, I had the bright idea to get some Red Bull and save it for the morning as well as nearly drown myself while drinking a liter of water, so I was able to make it to Yokohama with minimal exhaustion and only a touch of hangover. Once there I had a fantastic “Dutch Burger” from a burger joint in Landmark tower for breakfast, and I was ready for another day.

We underwent a very long (but successful) tour of the area, and I tracked down some awesome shopping places to hit for random little gifts before I go back to Canada, found a cheap and good quality source of coffee beans, and decided that I needed to up my classy-ness and get a pocket watch.

More adventures followed in Tokyo after randomly running into another foreigner friend of mine who was taking a break from being an otaku shut-in, which was a nice change. I eventually made it home in the wee hours and finished the day with a marathon Skyping session.

I didn’t leave my dorm room on Sunday.

Which brings us to today, and lets just say that Monday mornings don’t bring warm feelings to my heart.

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  1. Yup, Mondays are starting to be dreaded. So much more than at school, haha.