Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nice Wired, I can dig it.

Wired finally decided to put the How-to they absolutely HAD to have me write in the middle of final exams in December into their magazine and website.
They put together this sweet graphic to go with the article though. I approve.

They really truncated what I sent them, and didn't include any of the follow up questions they asked me after I wrote the how-to. One fun one:

Wired: How many doughnuts would you need to make a cell that produces enough energy to, say, heat your bath?
Blake: Interesting question, these are all pretty rough numbers, so bear with me. It takes about 23MJ of energy to heat up a bath tub, and to do this in a reasonable amount of time you'll need around 68 meters squared of doughnut solar cells - translating into about 100 000 doughnuts worth. You can heat up 10 bath tubs at once with only one tractor trailer load of doughnuts.

A more reasonable task is lighting up a light bulb. Lets assume its pretty efficient, fluorescent or LED. It takes about 0.45 square meters to light one up, which translates into about a trash bag full of doughnuts. Lets just say this isnt the best source for purifying TiO2, and tea isn't the best sensitizing agent.

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