Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Second ようこそ パーティー or, Sashimi is not a Good Drinking Base

I had a welcome party my first day here. Right after work, in a private party room near the cafeteria. I don’t know whether I ever mentioned it here, probably due to a combination of exhaustion related memory loss, and a lack of internets. It was pretty good I guess, had a bit of food, a couple beers. I was more dead than alive at this time, and I don’t really remember much.

That welcome party was organized by my boss’s boss, a man short even by Japanese standards, but blessed with the name Sugoi-san, which roughly translates to Mr. Amazing, or Mr. Tremendous. Considering hes got his PhD, I’ve considered calling him Dr. Amazing, but that might threaten his secret identity.

Anyway, my boss Saita-dizzle wanted to have another welcome party for me, with all of his friends. I’m pretty sure he enjoys parading me around like some kind of pet gaijin, as he sometimes makes me come meet his friends who speak no English, just so I can say Hi, and let them take a picture with me. Well this welcome party was yesterday night, in an izakaya (Japanese traditional bar/restaurant) near work. Saita-san is apparently big with the ladies, as a party with “all of his friends” ended up being me and him along with 6 Japanese girls.

We started off with a round of beers, which we all drank quite slowly, while we inhaled a massive amount of sashimi. I was starving by this point as lunch had consisted of a topless and bottomless hamburger, so I ate quite a bit. I got to try new sashimi that I hadn’t had before, including manta ray, anglerfish (the deep sea guys with the lamps) and some fish that I don’t have an English translation for. After the sashimi, the drinking began. There hadn’t been any rice served, which was mind blasting to me (probably my first meal in a month that hadn’t had rice in it), and also spelled doom for the possibility of absorbing alcohol before it got to my brain.

As the guest of honour, everyone had to buy drinks for me. They seem completely unopposed to mixing drinks, as over the night I was gifted with: a bunch of beers, different kinds of saki, soju (a distilled spirit from Korea), whiskey (with water, these guys are cultured), Bordeaux wine (they went crazy when I read the French on the bottle), and some drink that I can’t recall the name of, but was made from sweet potatoes (and as could be expected, was mostly indistinguishable from vodka). The order of imbibing all this was less than optimized for preserving the comfort of my stomach (and braincase the next morning ie. Now).

I’m pretty sure the worst thing to do on a hangover is STMing. I don’t know if it’s the annoying as hell refresh rate, or just the utter disappointment I constantly have because all the settings are labeled in Japanese and I constantly fail at getting a clear image. Its trying, my friends, trying.

Also, wtf, can the Japanese not grasp the concept that Wednesday is a school night? Why do they insist on having drinking parties during the week? My boss was in much worse shape than I was last night, and he is a colossal wreck today. Just a masochist I suppose.


  1., your boss and 6 japanese ladies. WHY DID YOU NOT GET SOME? WTF.

    oh and that sweet potato drink might just be sweet potato sake, i've had that in toronto. o_O

    Keep partying!

  2. Water with scotch = culture for sissies. Unless its from the same spring they made the scotch with. Or the water is secretly just more scotch.