Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It was an empty threat all along.

Buzz increases my readership, so I'll stick with it. The hell with the rest of you, the "boos" have it, retracted votes and all.

So at work, once a month, we have safety meetings. During these meetings we first have a seminar outlining... something about safety. Then we have smaller groups which talk about... something about safety. Then we each have to say something about safety. Forgive my vagueness, as last month my Japanese wasn't quite up to snuff to following along. Maybe tomorrow it'll be different.

One thing I do understand is the Hiyari Hatto, It means "close call" or "risk incident". But its not Japanese. Its spelled out in katakana, which means it must be a western term, but I've never heard of it. Anyway, we need to outline things that happened (or we need to exercise our imaginations) that might have been dangerous. And draw pictures. Without further ado, this month's Hiyari Hattos, by Blake Farrow:

I especially like my lines of constant magnetic flux.
NB: My hands are to scale.
mmmmmm. wet nanoparticles.

These are going to get more and more outrageous, as I have to do at least 2 per month. And I don't think anyone is reading them, and definitely no one is understanding them. HAND CANCER!!

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