Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Once you go Black, you would prefer to go back, but thats all they've got, so live with it. Okay? God.

Are coffee cans here self-heating or something? Theres a wierd weight on the bottom of the can of coffee I just got out of a vending machine.

These omnipresent vending machines are quite great. They have fantastic grape juice. This is one thing I think they do better in Asia: grape juice. I remember it being fantastic in China, and its the same here. Love it.

Their |Black| branded canned coffees could be better, though they've got the right idea plastering Tommy Lee Jones in his Men in Black persona all over their coffee products. I buy them even though they taste like shit. They're also only like 100 yen.

I also had tempura chicken breast today at the company cafeteria. It was like KFC, but way better. If their serving sizes were a bit bigger (maybe a LOT bigger) I'd be one happy camper. They must budget out calories to maintain a 90 pound 5 foot male's body weight. That doesn't do it for me, Mitsubishi Chemical. Do better.

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  1. eugh! I do not like the grape juice! I bought a thing of welch's the other day and it was NOT satisfactory.