Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where does one go to print stuff when one doesn't have a printer?

Hey gang-

So I'm packing up my room/house. Everything is in a bag or a box or a milk crate. If you're keeping track at home, some of you know that I don't have a home. boo hoo, I'm part of a broken family. So anyway, I don't have anywhere to put shit. I've ended up with some in friends' basements (shout-out to Arash, who will never, ever, ever read this), some in my Dad's basement dwelling, and some in my Grandma's garage. Me-in-8-months is going to hate now-me.

I really have quite a bit of stuff, and I really can't bring very much with me to Japan. I'm already bringing a pretty big piece of luggage along with my massive 75 litre camping backpack. I don't think I'll be able to fit that along with me in my 8x10 cell they call a room. I don't even know if I'm going to need CLOTHES. They tell me I will have a uniform. Does that mean I don't need clothes? Because that'd be awesome. I could go to Japan for 8 months with just my little backpack with my laptop in it. And my Kindle. Thats really all I need. (BTdub: Its totally easy to pirate books, I've got like 200 on my Kindle so far -- thanks rapidshare!)

Also, I don't have a printer! How am I supposed to print my plane ticket? The university is closed, my printer is gone, and all my friends are in god-knows-where probably having a very warm and awesome time.

I don't want to go to the public library. I've had a bad experience.


  1. you could send commands to ur nearest UPS store or FedEx kinkos for printing?


  3. HE IS! and he is at McD! for internet and watching japanese girls sipping diet coke.