Friday, December 4, 2009

Whats going on, eh?

In another one of the lovely and entertaining case studies/parables from Japan I was presented yesterday, we hear another story of Lloyd (apparently before the roller blade incident, or maybe there are just a lot of Lloyds out there, care to comment Lloyd?).

Lloyd was minding his own business on a commuting train of some kind, maybe zoning out watching a tentacle-related TV show on his crazy TV/cellphone. Either way, he was distracted from this by some murmuring sounds coming from a girl standing near him. You see, the train was pretty packed, but since Lloyd is a big western guy, he can see the sea of Nipponese layed out before him. And in this sea in front of him, a high school girl was being sexually molested by some guy.

No she wasn't yelling, punching or in any way trying to defend herself, she was just taking it. Lloyd was struck dumb by seeing this, and in shock for a few moments. Once he'd gathered his wits and decided to move in, Trainrape-san was nowhere to be seen, he had jumped off the train at the last station.

Lloyd was mortified by witnessing this and being able to do nothing to help, and the experience apparently marred much of the rest of his work term in Japan.

What can we learn from Lloyd escapades? Well, apparently what people say about train rape is actually true, this has been reported by a couple co-op Japan students over the last few years. This makes you wonder, if this kind of stuff actually goes down in the exceedingly far east, then maybe other things like tentacles and Dragonballs and Pokemon actually happen too?

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  1. a wise man once told Lloyd Webber that the best kind of rape was train rape. That man was Lloyd Webber himself, and he was surprised by his own wisdom. Lloyd Webber could say something like "don't judge an entire culture by the actions of a few, and that broad generalizations of an entire people are never valid", but fuck it, If that's how they roll in Japan, then it is awesome.