Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To my most dear and mysterious fan.

So my followers show up on the right there, and I can totally understand two of them. Shrey knows awesome when he sees it, and this blog is obviously drenched in the stuff. Mary is simply being proactive on ensuring ways of getting her Blake-fix, since I'm going to be so far away so soon, and shes having trouble facing this inevitability.

The third person there is a fellow named Lloyd Webber. Are you there, Lloyd? Are you aware that your name bears a striking resemblance to a certain English composer? I'm sure you must get that all the time. I'm curious how you found this blog, as its not even on the Google index yet. I'm afraid many of my posts may appear nonsensical to you, but this is just because you are a creepy guy from outside my social circle looking in. Don't be offended Lloyd, I shall always appreciate your patronage to Coffee Nanoparticles and I forgive you for any and all past creepiness.