Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So its final exam season. Okay, I can dig it, I enjoy a good 10 day OMGWTF barbecue every few months.

I've made DC my primary home, as I tend to do during this time. My day is punctuated by periods of missing my cat and feeling that I'm mistreating him, made worse by the fact that I'm leaving him alone with a bunch of terrorists and Mickey for 8 months. Has anyone noticed the hall monitors patrolling the library lately? Of course you have. They're there every second moment telling you to "watch your volume" and then mysteriously writing down a small note in their oh-so-mysterious little notebooks. But right now the rest of my table is enthralled in these images of someones dick covered in outrageous tatoos and hooting and hollering with complete disregard for the "QUIET STUDY" sign above my table. Where the fuck are you, hall monitors?

God damn it kids, get off my lawn!

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