Saturday, December 12, 2009

So I'm currently drinking this especially delightful suspension of coffee nanoparticles. Taro no koohii to mirukutei desu. (たろの コオヒイと ミルクテイ です)Fancy stuff.

I just had my JAPAN 101 exam, it was a pain. Unfortunately for me, my Nihongo has not yet progressed to the level that I can answer trick questions about a story I just read. Talking to my Japanese friend after, apparently there was even a question that SHE wasn't sure about. And shes fluent in Japanese. Fuck you, JAPAN 101. I will come back from Japan fluent, and then maybe I'll be able to compete in your introductory courses.

I'm supposed to mention Dan in this post. You're so sensitive and such a good friend Dan. When I walk around with you we constantly run into your girl friends (NB: friends who are girls). Why aren't you a massive pimp?

That is all.


  1. my best girl friend asks me why i'm still single everytime we grab dinner lol

  2. well then stop looking for shangri-la/el dorado, dude

  3. good question...why are you still single Dan? You should be like Lloyd Webber, and get a number 1 girl, and a number 2 and a number 3... I think even you can see the pattern

  4. Dan, next time grab the girl instead of the dinner!
    "That was easy"