Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kindle Review, also Re: my new follower

So I got a Kindle. Its was a sum-of-all gift for the next 8 months from my mom, and its pretty awesome.

The e-ink screen is totally mind blaasting. I looked up how it actually works, and apparently its some type of micro-capsule array that depending on the e-field through each capsule, brings white or black particles to the surface. This makes quite dandy sense and reminds me a lot of an etch-a-sketch, but looking at the screen its really hard to see the pixels... either its exceedingly high resolution, or theres some demon-magic at play. I think there may also be some magics in how each pixel experiences its own e-field with enough electromotive force to physically move shit.

The unlimited access to wikipedia is very douglas adams, but canada has some draconian cell phone providers that are preventing the experimental web browser from browsing anything but wiki. But fortunately the land of the rising sun (read: Nippon) is a little more friendly, and once I get there I read that the entire interwebs will be open to my browsing. Pretty awesome considering there is no monthly subscription of any kind.

It looks like I'm going to be spending a fortune on books. Its too easy. Those folks over at Amazon really have heads on their shoulders.

PS: I'd like to draw undue attention to my new follower, Brie. Everyone say hi Brie!! She spent a year in Japan, you know. But she doesn't want to be defined by it. So forget I said anything.


  1. wow, do you do that for everyone who follows your blog? or is this a distinction? haha ;)